Preparing for Moving Day

Moving Day is almost here:

As your moving day gets closer, keep in mind not all items can or will be packed and moved by a professional moving company

Some items they will not touch and others you would want to transport yourself. If you start planning now you can have a smoother transition.

Common items on most movers will not touch include:

Living Things

Most movers will not transport any living thing, to include pets of any size and living plants.

Basically, anything that could die. Movers cannot move with proper ventilation and climate control for these items to survive.

Harmful Household Items

Many items around your home can explode or cause chemical damage.

Household chemicals, paints and  fluids – gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, lamp oil, charcoal lighter fluid, nail polish and remover, fireworks, matches, lighters, batteries (car, household, shop), acids, bases, paints, paint thinner, garden chemicals (including pesticides, fertilizer, herbicides).

Pressurized containers – aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, propane tanks.

Cleaners and poisons – bleach, ammonia, pool chemicals, pesticides


Personal legal documents and items of sentimental value you may want to move yourself, even if your mover is willing to take care of them.

Sentimental items and confidential information should remain in your possession.

Personal photo and wedding albums, framed photos, physical and digital files, desktop and laptop computers, cellphones, tablets

Legal documents – vehicle titles, insurance policies, wills, birth and marriage certificates, divorce decrees, all banking and credit card information, and medical records.

Food and Perishable Items

Refrigerated, frozen food, and produce can spoil.

If you have an ice chest that can keep food frozen or cold during travel, you can transport these items.

Moving is stressful, however planning ahead will allow you to arrive in your new home with all your belongings and help ease the stress of moving day. Congratulations!

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